It’s not our problem

Causality, what does it mean? Basically, everything that goes on affects what comes after it. It’s a sequence of events that culminates in an effect.

Some people claim that for every action it creates a new dimension, somewhere the alternative choice occurring, giving rise to mostly a different outcome. Nobody has any proof whatsoever this is happening, so the difference between not being true and this is nothing, just a person’s imagination.

But people only see thing in their little bubble, oblivious or choosing to ignore the effect elsewhere. They will continue or start on a course of action, hang the consequences to everything else and consequently to themselves later or their descendants, only seeing the effects and advantages in the very near future. ‘It’s not our problem.’

Many are like people shipwrecked on a desert island, seeing masses of food they constantly gorge themselves with over a few weeks only to starve to death in a short time after that, where planned use would have given them a chance to be rescued or survive. Not thinking of consequences of action is probably where most of our base animal tendencies and instincts are centred. A moments intelligence may have adverted this.

But is seems to be a fact that many who claim high motives or intelligence are simply acting out their base desires, their intellects dead to the future, and using clever words, excuses and thoughts to feed their base desires, not to temper them. A 5% increase in production a year over 1,000 years would require more resources than is in the universe, not just this planet, but still this false or fake objective is trying to be planned and executed by many businesses and governments, it’s members too stupid to realise or work out consequences. ‘I won’t be around to be affected.’ But yours and everybody else’s descendants will be. ‘It’s not our problem.’

We live on a planet of limited resources and many people. Much of that resource is sequestered for the use of a few. The objective is to grab as much as possible, even if it ensures there is nothing or little for others, who in fact are the supports for the lifestyles of the first. Foundations are slowly eroded and eaten away until the tower topples. Then the next person builds the new tower under the same circumstances. Tower after tower falling, not clever enough to realise why, although they claim to be clever. Skilled in promoting ensured failure, congratulating themselves on short-lived success and temporary gains. ‘It’s not our problem.’

Governments, both central and local, big businesses, rich individuals and large organisations all seem to have this mantra ‘It’s not our problem,’ when embarking on any project and considering what happens around them. Close a factory or section; what happen to the community, ‘it’s not our problem.’ Something not as profitable as it could be, kick people out, ‘it’s not our problem.’ A missed or late payment that is a tiny percentage of the total, take them to court, foreclose or evict them. Disaster and problems result, ‘it’s not our problem.’ But no person is an island and immune from consequences. In some way they will always rebound.

An area is neglected and deliberately damaged. The damaged people kick back and crime spreads to the originators area. ‘How was I to know this would happen?’ ‘Because although you are highly intelligent you can’t use it apart from a very narrow-minded perspective. Exceedingly clever in one area, stupid and thick as two short planks in another. ‘It’s not our problem.’

All of this comes down to how civilised the world, a country, and area or individual people are. A good definition of the level of a civilisation is how it treats its lowest or poorest members. The answer, some people are not worthy of consideration using clever justifications why they are not entitled to share in the world or society. ‘It’s not our problem.’

We have advanced technologically at a fantastic level, but have we advanced socially or morally since the stone age? Probably not, every faction or minority jumping on the band wagon and demanding priority. First claiming the need for equality, but when equalities are reached, still demanding to be more equal than others and justifying further changes in their direction. Laws that will cause major problems blindly implemented, to hang with any consequences. ‘It’s not our problem.’

I think the way the world is going it’s likely to fail within the next 100 years, maybe within the next 5. The answer by those in charge; ‘It’s not our problem.’

It may be that I am becoming more prone or aware of the problems in the world, but I am not normally a worrying sort of person. Usually thinking that things will sort themselves out. But I have noticed with the increasing complexity of our society and that events seem to be concentrating rather than taking a normal standard path. For example; More Zoonotic events and outbreak have happened in the past 100 years than in the previous 1,000, although we have been much better at fighting and controlling them, but breakthrough events are becoming more common, especially in the past 20 years, covid just being one that managed to get through all defences, quite easily, and probably being worse due to political influence and suppression, a thing that is increasing rather than being sorted out. With the fall of the iron curtain and Chinese integration and production war was 10 years ago extremely unlikely ever to happen again except for a few minor and local skirmishes. Nuclear war was impossible and a relic of the past. They are now very much on the cards and possibly being worked towards by many countries, military inspired businesses and governments, each trying to rock the boat, alter the balance dramatically in their favour and gain a massive advantage. Maybe they will take the war into space and place nuclear missile stations and platforms on the moon to threaten the earth, wiping out any ship from another country that comes close, closed but to somebody from their country. The systems in the world are fragile and have many disruption and key continuity and supply points that are open to damage and officials are making them more fragile, regarding provision for resilience as an unnecessary expense. Resilience is considered not profitable.

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