Rough Guess of What People May Wake up to in 2100

Based on the latest trends and worst case scenarios, the average world temperature will probably be about 5°C higher. Seas maybe 50 feet higher. The estimates at the moment are generally in the 0.5cm per year mark, so opinion would make it 50cm higher or 1 1/2 feet, but sea rise in the last 30 years is the majority of the last 100 and the last 10 years the majority of that 30. Is sea rise accelerating? If the trend continues it may be. CO2 maybe around 700ppm. So, Europe could look like:
Greenland and Canada would be invaded by the US and occupied and there may be another world war over Antarctica and its resources, where a new puppet country at first would be set up, the others ejected. Eventually it would become a super power in its own right. Populations would probably move northward and southward by 100-200 miles, the Government operating from the capital Manchester. Cornwall and Devon would possibly become the new Riviera. The UK would probably become a lot wetter and the Sahara extending southwards by about 500 miles, but that’s where most power complexes would be. There would be a lot more totalitarian regimes in the world, possibly with AI even in the UK along the lines of Orwell. The EU would be constantly infighting and places like Russia trying to close its borders to them and the moving population.
Tropic diseases and parasites such as malaria would probably move into most of Europe including the UK, the medical profession unable to cope.
Fossil fuels would start to be used again heavily but because of the prices, cars would only be for the wealthy, public transport poor and badly maintained, wood regaining its importance as a fuel of first use and used sparingly. Resources will now be known to be running out so there will be many battles and land grabs to keep as much as possible. If we keep our currency bread would probably be around £100 a loaf, milk around £50 a litre, but wages will probably only be 10 times what they are now. The use of troops on crowds will probably become commonplace, with only ‘correct’ ways of thought permitted by the one party, so the army and police will increase massively. For the UK, think of Russia now, most countries being a lot worse. Old prejudices and discriminations will probably reoccur with a sense of vengeance and retribution by the majorities, so most things will need to start from scratch again.
That’s of course if society makes it that far, the next few years being very important.

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