New Possible Threats to World

27/11/2023 – New strain of Pig flu (H1N2) discovered in a human in North Yorkshire. Human infections of this are rare, only about 50 cases worldwide in the past 18 years which may suggest some general adaptation or weakness caused by the presence of another disease. 27/11/2023 – Unknown disease that resembles cellulitis has killed […]

We Live on Fragile World

We live on a fragile world. It has many balances and checks that keep it in order, but there are many things on our planet and in our solar system and the universe that can disturb this balance. If you are of the opinion that ‘forewarned is forearmed,’ then read on. Some of the risks […]

Wandering of the Geomagnetic Pole

The geomagnetic pole is an area of the earth where the magnetic is seen to be vertical, also called the dip pole. Normally they wander about the earth near the north and south poles in a more or less haphazard way according to the molten core of the earth below us. The earth spins on […]

Updated Asteroid Table

Bird Flu is Now Trending Towards a Serious Problem

Over the past few years the H5N1 Bird Flu Virus has been spreading around the world killing millions of birds. Up until recently cross species infections have been very rare and limited, but changes in its PB2 gene has changed all this. Chile, Agentina and Peru are all reporting Sea Lion deaths, Italy, Spain, Poland, […]

Rough Guess of What People May Wake up to in 2100

Based on the latest trends and worst case scenarios, the average world temperature will probably be about 5°C higher. Seas maybe 50 feet higher. The estimates at the moment are generally in the 0.5cm per year mark, so opinion would make it 50cm higher or 1 1/2 feet, but sea rise in the last 30 […]

It’s not our problem

Causality, what does it mean? Basically, everything that goes on affects what comes after it. It’s a sequence of events that culminates in an effect. Some people claim that for every action it creates a new dimension, somewhere the alternative choice occurring, giving rise to mostly a different outcome. Nobody has any proof whatsoever this […]

Analysis of the Medical Problems in the UK by Cause

It’s very hard to work out what is currently going on in the UK as far as medical problems go, the statistics released or recorded being too general to really give full information, but I’ve attempted to try and create some order out of the figures and come to some conclusions. If you take Dementia […]

World Population

The yearly increase in population of the world has been slowing since about 1970, so it will probably at this rate peak in 50 years. Fertility is also steadily falling and may add to the problem. Most people are worrying and showing concerns about population based on learned 1950’s projections, not anything modern or recently, […]

Preparations for Blackouts

Most LED’s operate at a low voltage, ones for ceiling lighting needed to be stepped up before they are stepped down again. You can get CREE type with a diffuser rather than focused to give an adequate set up for emergency lighting that operate between 3-5v. You then need deep cycle type leisure batteries linked […]

Nuclear War Preparations

With the increasing belligerency of Russia and the expansive plans of places like North Korea and China it is becoming increasingly likely that at some point nuclear weapons will be used. Will they go the whole hog and launch all their weapons? Probably not, just a few smaller battlefield ones that test the waters, other […]

The Dart Mission and Deflecting Asteroids

The recent Dart mission to send a craft to impact the Didymus B asteroid to deflect it seems to be a success, but the true results before the effects of doing this are known. Before the congratulations and hailing the success of the mission guaranteeing the people of earth a safe passage, we may need […]

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