Mind Control

Mind control is one of those areas where you may not know something is happening until it does and it is too late. Many countries are working on mind control systems, the idea that they can use it to influence the workings of other countries and influential people who they consider a danger to their society, but invariably what happens is they start to use it on their own people to make them conform to their version of their own ideology. Basically, re-making people in their own image, acting as god.

There are many forms of mind control, some which are more social control, the need for knowing implicitly and controlling what they are actually doing a move in this direction. With individuals, you cannot know and control everything they do, or they stop becoming independent, hiding bits of what they do, working to overthrow the system when its stops looking in their direction. Individuals need to hide things, as many things will be judged by the moral mass as unsuitable in their society. Censure and shame are quite hypocritical in a lot of people. That much of society is also unsuitable is not considered, the same people judging, doing similar things behind closed doors, such as the leaders of a teetotal movement secretly drinking to excess in private and having a hidden stock of alcohol, or a sect demanding celibacy, the leaders perpetrating sexual assaults and affairs in their own private lives, supported by their staff who know of such things or prevent them evidence from seeing the light of day by suppression and removal. Such a system builds in the seeds of its destruction, usually needing to be violent and smash all the associated things that may be good in the process to make sure all of it is removed. The society suddenly goes out of control without warning when the pressure builds up too much, falling or being severely damaged by it. The trouble is people look for a new leader and paragon to replace this, often putting in place an anti-paragon, being an opportunist, not a solution to the problem, but being the source of a major new set of problems. People are very poor and choosing anything, looking for obvious faults, ‘sounds or looks good’ being better than ‘is good.’

Social control is a form of this, leaders thinking of themselves as gods, wanting to make society conform and perform to standards they rarely keep themselves, imagining they have the one true notion of what is right, or they are so important and indispensable now to society that their standard of ‘right’ is the only one logical and permissible. Truth and logic is remanufactured within their own viewpoint, so is guaranteed to be stagnant and non-evolving. Quite often they will use or divert funds allocated for a specific purpose in a way they ‘see’ as better and more fitting, but really therefore acting in a fraudulent and criminal way, in a ‘end justifies the means’ form of action. This will just be the first point of more ‘justified’ criminal action, each action needing bigger and bigger justifications in a move towards tyranny and a single allowed viewpoint.

Do the followers blindly believe? Or do they get consumed in the actions that follows as ‘traitors to the cause’ if they show any doubts? The plan for an easy wholesale control of a people degenerates into a need for people to worship them and their beliefs, eventually transforming into ‘unthinking mob control’ rather than influencing intelligent people for the good. The various times in various societies that people start to use chemical means to dampen their lives, such as power drugs and alcoholic products shows this has got out of control and things are becoming unbearable within it rather than the idea that is projected.

People don’t usually want anything to opt out of living if their lives are full and good, mainly if they have become superficial and require escape from it.