New Possible Threats to World

17/09/2023 – Outbreaks of diseases such as Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and Yellow fever are becoming more commonplace in the world. This may simply be down to the concentration on Covid or the global reduction in healthcare knock on effect it has caused. In every country healthcare seems to be becoming less efficient or available.

04/08/2023 – New variant of Covid, Eris, starting to replace Omicron in UK.

25/07/2023 – 90 Pilot Whales stranded on Cheynes Beach, Albany, West Australia. Whale strandings seems to be becoming more common.

25/07/2023 – 2 northern bottlenose whales stranded at Fife, Scotland. A cold whale, they are not usually found so far south. Since 1992 there has been a Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme, with harbour porpoises comprising about 40% of strandings.

24/07/2023 – Highest sea surface temperature recorded in Mediterranean by the European Copernicus Climate Change Service. Previous high was on 23/08/2003. Although the European Copernicus Climate Change Service managed by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts only started in 2018.

16/07/2023 50 Pilot Whales Stranded on Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

13/07/2023 – Chile reported 13,000 sea lion deaths associated with H5N1 virus.

07/07/2023 – 5 dogs and a cat tested positive for H5N1 virus in Italy.

28/06/2023 – Wildfires continue across Canada with half of the about 500 out of control. The smoke is now starting to drift across europe and is causing very poor air quality in many Northern American cities.

27/06/2023 – Poland notifies World Health Organisation of unusual number of cats deaths from H5N1 influenza (Bird  Flu) virus. 29 Cats had tested positive for it, the normal numbers for cross species usually being in the occasional 1 or 2. It was noted and suggested that the virus had 2 mutations that made it easier to transmit to mammals.

23/06/2023 – New case of MERS in Abu Dhabi. MERS seems to be still around.

14/06/2023 – Toxic red algae causing Domoic acid bioaccumulation in shellfish around Santa Barbara and Ventura, California.

13/06/2023 – The red giant Betelgeuse still seems to be quite variable. It is between 200-700 light years away. An estimate of a similar distance supernova from about 2-3 million years ago and accumulations of radioactive iron on the sea bed suggests that there might be little effect if it did happen, but again this is an assumption as nobody was around to tell if it did.

11/06/2023 Mayon Volcano, Philippines, erupting. Last time 2018.

11/06/2023 – Large numbers of dead fish wash up on Quintana and Bryan beaches of Brazoria County, Texas, said to be because of water temperature above 70°F. Although for oxygen content a rough guide around this temperature is a loss of 1% per raised degree F, with fish being found and surviving in sea temperatures between 28-82°F.

06/06/2023 – Kilauea volcano, Hawaii, erupting. Last one 2019.

31/05/2023 – Etna Volcano, Sicily, eruptions light up night sky. Last one 21/05/2023, grounding flights to Catania, 11 times in 2021, 16 in 2001.

20/04/2023 – The Colorado River has about 4/5ths of its volume compared to 25 years ago and is expected to further drop by about another 1/3rd over the next 25 years. At the current rate it is possible that it will no longer function as a water source in 100 years and the areas that currently rely on it in the West of the US and Mexico, (California, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Baja California and Sonoramay) may become unviable. The East of the US may become a lot wetter and prone to more severe storms, especially the central Tornado corridor and coastlines that may flood and be affected by bigger storms surges.

16/04/2023 – Fresh water leaking from the Cascadia Megathrust in the Pacific Northwest suggesting that tectonic and fault movement may be likely to increase.

30/03/2023 – As the world warms up we may find that species benign in a colder environment start to cause problems as they evolve and adapt to life in a warmer one. Another prospect is that the worlds currents, cycles and gyres and the air patterns above them will probably change, leading to advantage and disadvantage to previously farming intensive practices and positions. Deserts may become arable plains and arable plains deserts.

30/03/2023 – Avian flu (H5N1) is being found in more wild mammals in the UK that have high exposure to infected birds.

29/03/2023 – Thousands of starfish, mussels, razor clams and crabs wash up on Saltburn-by-the-Sea beach in similar area to 25/10/2021. Possibly expect deaths from seabirds.

29/03/2023 – Second large coronal hole detected on sun.

27/03/2023 – PBC J2333.9-2343, changed from a radio galaxy to a galaxy with a blazar at it’s centre with it relativistic jet pointing towards the earth. This means that it is one of the strongest sources from that galaxy. the effect on such a small body such as the earth would be limited though. Not sure on the effect on the sun that is about 3,000 times the profile.

26/03/2023 – Norovirus (winter vomiting bug) expanding in the UK at about 3 times the gradient of increase compared to previous years, although weather has been particularly mild.

24/06/2023 – Grade 4 geomagnetic storm hit earth from coronal mass ejection (CME)

20/03/2023 – Very large coronal hole detected with effects likely to hit earth around 24th onwards. Could be very observable aurora borealis.

17/03/2023 – Large fish kills due to algal blooms in New South Wales Australia following smaller events 22/02/2023, similar to 06-07/01/2019. Algal bloom are becoming more common due to overuse of phosphates and washing into areas such as in flood times that allow such algae to thrive in similar events to red tides. Linked to similar coastal seaweed expansions.

15/03/2023 – Extremely high and unusual solar proton emissions.

11/03/2023 – Bird flu (Highly pathogenic avian influenza, HPAI, H5N1) still expanding in UK, a lot of cases in Suffolk and Norfolk, but expanding in North Yorkshire, Cumbria and especially Essex, so it can be found now in most counties and expanding.

28/03/2023 – Cold weather expected soon for UK due to polar vortex. Risk of power infrastructure interference by outside forces from about 14/03/2023.

26/02/2023 – Extremely high and unusual solar proton emissions slightly later than expected by model predicted at 24/02/2023. Aurorae seen as far south as Cornwall in UK. Next point of concern around 16/05/2023. Most likely period now 78 days.

24/02/2023 – Vaccinations and boosters for Covid in UK still at a very low level. What happens in the next month may tell if this is a problem. When there was the first real expansion of Covid in the UK it happened about the second week of March 2020 and didn’t translate into the world for as much as 6 months.

23/02/2023 – a number of wild animals found to have H5N1 virus with PB2 mutation.

06/02/2023 – Turkey earthquakes near Gaziantep of 7.8 and 7.7, followed by smaller ones near Van on 16th. Possibly a major seizemic fault move rather than just localised.

05/02/2023 – Avian Flu (H5N1) likely to spread much faster and maybe to other species due to upcoming migrations of birds from continent, including humans, after events of recent infection of fatalities in Caspian Sea to seals, a Mink farm in Spain and discovery of it in Otters and Foxes in UK.

03/02/2023 – Rail disaster at East Palestine, Ohio, pollution, mainly from Vinyl Chloride about 10 square miles affecting maybe 100 square miles with fish as much as 7.5 miles downstream dying.

27/01/2023 – A form of a disease similar to Kawasaki disease, an autoimmune condition has been linked to covid in children. The numbers have doubled in the past 5 years.

25/01/2023 – High Xray emissions from sun.

24/01/2023 – 50,000 Farmed Mink destroyed in Spain because of H5N1 bird flu infections that were found in up to 10% of cases.

23/01/2023 – Bird Flu (H5N1) in Cheshire, West Lancashire, Devon and Wiltshire.

20/01/2023 – High solar emissions and xray emissions from sun.

05/01/2023 – About 40% of cases in US are the covid variant Omicron XBB, the most infectious so far being the XBB.1.5, known as Kraken. In UK CH.1.1 known as Orthrus seems to be becoming the main variant.

05/01/2023 – Kilauea, Hawaii alert changed from watch to warning, aviation code organge to red. Eruptions mainly at Halemaʻumaʻu Crater.

31/12/2022 – Eruptions at Popocatépet in Mexico. Eruptions have increased over the past 10 years, averaging 10 times the numbers over the previous times.

25/12/2022 – Had time to work out average treatment wait in the UK for immediate life threatening problems, and category 1 ambulance calls, has changed from an average of 5 minutes before covid, to 6 minutes 30 seconds last year, to 9 minutes 30 seconds currently, so an increase of about 90% and 20% on last year. When in hospital treatment has also altered in a similar proportion, suggesting that risk of major complications including death has altered by about half this proportion, 45% greater risk and 10% since last year.

18/12/2022 – China is continuing to show an increasing infection rate with BA., also known as BF.7, and with the large population in that country who are still unvaccinated there may be a large chance of a combinatory variant occurring stealthily under the guise of less problematic ones. A SARS/Omicron variant outbreak would probably not be good, as we would possible not know for a long time, after which it may have been in circulation, preventing it from being contained.

17/12/2022 – About 1,200 people seem to be dying a week in the UK more than should for this time of year considering the mild weather and the low figures for Covid.

16/12/2022 – Japanese Encephalitis, a mosquito borne disease that infects animals and can infect humans seems to be spreading as the world warms up and new areas are starting to appear in more temperate climes.

15/12/2022 – Bird Flu (H5N1) is still spreading and has now been found in Herefordshire in UK. So far Wales has been mainly free, but with birds migrating due to the winter from the continent this is unlikely to continue. It is still mainly in the East of the UK, but has been found as far south as Torquay, Devon and as far north as Banff in Scotland.

15/12/2022 – Very strong x-ray emissions from sun.

08/12/2022 – Deaths from Strep A infections in children now at 15 in UK, 7 in the last week, with infections of scarlet fever now at 23,000 compared to 2,300 a year ago. Streptococcus pyogenes or Group A Strep infections, iGAS, are usually quite rare, normally being a quite common but inocuous effect, but the UK has shown a tenfold increase since a year ago.

07/12/2022 High solar emissions but low xray emissions from sun. Next point around 24/02/2023.

04/12/2022 Bodies of 1,700 seals found off Caspian Sea Coastline. In the past there have been outbreaks of canine distemper virus (morbillivirus, related to measles in humans) in 1997, 2000 & 2001 and a higher level of zinc and iron in the bodies that may be related to pollution and a resultant destabilising effect.

29/11/2022 – Mauna Loa erupting after 38 years relative inactivity. Kilauea, 20 miles to the east has been erupting since 29/09/2021. If subterranean banding is correct then bands are moving and rotating in a northward direction at about 30 miles a year.

25/11/2022 – 50 cases of Diptheria reported in asylum seekers in UK. Instances of scarlet fever, syphilis, vitamin D deficiency increasing.

22/11/2022 – Wild markets around the world again selling bats and other animals taken from the wild, making the assumption that Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and the risk from this area is over.

22/11/2022 – Rivers and land in UK that have run offs from intensive factory farming found to have greatly elevated levels of phosphates that could foster developing red tides and antibiotics that foster developing antibiotic resistant bacteria, and possibly also generating new river based reservoirs for zoonotic viruses.

21/11/2022 – Sudan experiencing worst outbreak of Dengue Fever that has now shown cases in half of its states.

20/11/2022 – Shiveluch volcano in eastern Russia, Kamchatka region, showing signs of increased activity. Recent activity at Klyuchevskaya Sopka suggests this area is becoming active again, a tie-in to other areas in the world also becoming more active.

17/11/2022 – The FSB in Russia is exerting much more control over the populace and starting to stage aggressive rallys to drum up rest of world hostility.

14/11/2022 – Highly infectious version of bird flu centred around 0.5 mile NW of Arundel, West Sussex. 3Km Captive Bird Monitoring Zone set up. Main cluster centred on Dereham, Norfolk.

01/11/2022 – UK continuing to draw up and implement emergency plans for local and main government continuity for major disaster or aggression. Suggestions that 3 Hour blackouts may not happen this winter, but BBC scripts suggest 24 & 48 hour possibilities with Yarrow and Noble Birch launched in september planning for 6-8 hours recently being updated to include 7 days or longer. Likely target dates 24/12/2022 and ~15/01/2023.

22/10/2022 – At least 20 swans die from bird flu, H5N1, in Swindon, UK lake. All poultry and captive birds in UK legally need to be kept inside from November 7th with Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex having the most cases in largest outbreak seen.

22/10/2022 – Shetland Islands cut off from internet, mobile and phone due to cable failure due to being cut. It was similar to another cable failure linking Shetland with Faroe Islands last week.

19/10/2022 – Mosquitoes in Florida causing major problems after flooding and areas left with standing water. West Nile virus is the commonest mosquito spread disease in the US, followed by Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika virus. Malaria may also make a return.

15/10/2022 – Drones being flown by Russian nationals over and near oil and gas installations in various countries, especially the North Sea and platforms. It seems undefined agents are also taking photographs of military equipment, airports, communications and other parts of infrastructure.

04/10/2022 – UK expects to be battered by very strong storms starting about 05/10/2022. World seem to be heading for larger and more constant number of serious hurricanes, recent numbers and strengths suggesting this.

04/10/2022 – It is still concerning that about 16% of people are dying more than normally should at this time of year, social and weather conditions in the UK.

02/10/2022 – Strong solar flare, X1 emitted by sun, although next real danger point around January 2024, about a year before solar maxima.

27/09/2022 – 19:50 High Proton emissions from sun. Next risk point possibly 11/12/2022. Rough estimation of cycles, 71-78 days (73?), 9-13 years, 160-170 years and 450-550 years, periods 50X, 15X and 3X.

27/09/2022 – Hurricane Ian seems to becoming more of a threat to the coast of Florida than expected and may possibly give storm surges up to 14 feet and change to a category 4 mid day on wednesday 28th. If it does then Florida and the surrounding areas may be particularly hard hit with substantial damage and flooding.

26/09/2022 – 2 Blasts damaging the Nordstream Gas Pipelines South East of Bornholm. The pipeline was not operating, so did not seem natural. Suggests semi-inconsequential practice for strategic infrastructure damage. Since then, a number of other similar infrastructure infringements have happened. If there is a such planned infrastructure attack it may happen in January or February next year.

26/09/2022 – Worrying number of larger than average earthquakes around North Atlantic shelf.

20/09/2022 – There seem to be signs that Taupo volcano that erupted last about 1,836 years ago, around 186AD, is becoming more active. Records of bad weather and other meteorological effects were noted by Fan Ye of China, 7,000 miles away and Herodian of Rome, 11,500 miles away. There have been hundreds of small earthquakes recently beneath it’s caldera. It was the largest eruption within the last 5,000 years expelled about 40 times the amount of St Helens in 1980.

18/09/2022 – Japan battered by typhoon Nanmadol.

18/09/2022 – 6.9 Magnitude earthquake at Taiwan, about 50 smaller earthquakes since then.

16/09/2022 – Increased incidence of Polio, especially in Africa. Sudanese Ebola in Uganda.

15/09/2022 – Incidence of multi-drug resistant salmonella.

09/09/2022 – Increased incidence of unknown child hepatitis.

01/09/2022 – Large numbers of fish dying due to toxic algae in San Franscico Bay and Lake Merritt. With limited rainfall, temperatures moving up and a higher concentration of nutrients in water it seems to be allowing algae to proliferate, removing oxygen from the water.

24/08/2022 – 1st arrival of LPG from Australia arrives in Sheerness, Kent.

17/08/2022 – 6.2 magnitude earthquake at Taiwan.

16/08/2022 – 22:00 High Proton Emissions from sun. X-ray emissions quite high.

12/08/2022 – Large numbers of fish die in Queen’s Park Lake, Swindon due to reducing oxygen levels in lake and drought.

11/08/2022 – Fish dying in Forwich lake, Kent due to reducing oxygen levels in lake, due to drought.

11/08/2022 – Thousands of fish found dead in Oder River, Poland, near Widuchowa. Cause is thought a large accumulation of toxic algae or harmful algal blooms (HAB’s) that could possibly cause neurological problems in people dealing with it.

04/08/2022 – Human transmissable Langya henipavirus formally identified in China. First discovered in 2018. Previously detected in Shrews, Goats and Dogs. Closely related to Mòjiāng virus that seemed to originate in a copper mine that had horseshoe bats, shrews and rats infected with it.

04/08/2022 – Bird flu continuing to expand in the world, twice last years figures.

02/08/2022 – Solar instability continues. Major risk around 1 year before solar maximum in 2025, suggested statistical date from coincident cycles 20/07/2024. Cycles roughly 11 and 11*15 years.

31/07/2022 – Killer whales sink one boat and attack another off the coast of Portugal. Since 2020 there have been said to have been 200 attacks, 40 so far this year compared to 56 in 2021, by killer whales off Portugal and Spains Iberian Peninsula, tending to go for the rudders. The first confirmed and reported case in the wild of an attack on humans or boats was in 1972. In March 2021, whale-watchers off the coast of Australia witnessed a systematic hunt by killer whales, when as many as a group of 70 killed and consumed a blue whale, a rare event.

28/07/2022 – 1st Shark attack in British waters since 1847.

25/07/2022 – Thousands of dead crabs wash up on Anglesey. A similar event on the North East coast was followed by hundreds of dogs becoming ill.

23/07/2022 – 14:16 High Proton Emissions from sun.

18/07/2022 – Ghana declared 2 deaths in Southern Ashanti region and first cases there from Marburg Virus.

16/07/2022 – Omicron BA.5 and BA2.75 vying for dominant strain and increasing again worldwide with hospitalisations increasing.

15/07/2022 – Heatwave warning for 17 & 18/07/2022 in UK. May break record of June 1976.

15/07/2022 Monkeypox still expanding in about 60 countries, totalling over 10,000 cases.

14/07/2022 – Southeastern region of Lindi, Tanzania, possibly new viral haemorrhagic fever, 13 cases, kills 3 people. Linked to Rat virus.

14/07/2022 – 20:10 High X-Ray emissions continuing from sun.

11/07/2022 – 15:50 High Proton emissions from sun. Next risk points possibly 24/09/2022 & 26/10/2022

05/07/2022 – About 50,000 people evacuate their homes as floods hit Sydney Australia for the third time this year driven by a La Niña type weather pattern.

01/07/2022 – Unusually high number of octopuses being caught off Cornwall. Previous high numbers in 1948 and 1899 before that.

12/05/2022 – Unusually high Proton emissions today.

24/02/2022 – Russia invades Ukraine. Destabilising actions and intentions probably started around december 2015.

12/02/2022 – Flock of Yellow-Headed Blackbirds fall dead to ground in Chihuahua.

12/01/2022 – Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai erupted again with one of the most violent eruptions in the last 100 years. There are still indications that the earth is entering a more active stage.

12/01/2022 Hundreds of dogs becoming ill in yorkshire area for no apparent reason. Maybe related to 25/10.

09/01/2022 – Grackles or large blackbirds swarming again in the Texas area.

20/12/2021 – Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai, a submarine 20km wide volcano erupted, then was subsequently declared dormant.

04/11/2021 – Unusually high proton emissions from sun.

25/10/2021 Large numbers of sea creatures, crabs, lobsters, lugworms, razor clams and other crustaceans washing on North Yorkshire beaches from unknown causes. Could be new and novel pathogen. Similar events have happened on Thanet Coast, Kent in the past.

01/10/2021 – Large numbers of guillemots and razorbill washing up dead on nrothumberland coast.

29/07/2021 – 26,000 racing pigeons set off from Narbonne in France on a flight that should take 12 hours on average. ABout 6,000 birds (23%) have arrived, but there were storms in the area they would have crossed. There was a similar event about a year ago. Pigeons navigate by sight and magnetic lines.

09/07/2021 For over a week now the sun has been unusually and continuously active with a higher than normal solar wind, especially in the x-ray bands. I would think local space may be becoming more hazardous, and the sun becoming more active rather than less, not boding well for the next few years. This seems to be continuing.

26/06/2021 Hubble Space Telescope main computer still glitching after 10 days, and backup computer is starting to glitch too.

19/06/2021 – 9,000 racing pigeons set off from Peterborough of about 250,000 birds released that day in the UK, on a flight that should take 3 hours on average. About 5,000 (55%) of those failed to arrive, and 90% failed to arrive in the expected time for the UK, so the overall loss may be as high as 30,000. There have also been reports of heavy losses in Belgium and Portugal. Pigeons navigate by sight and magnetic lines.

24/01/2021 – Grackles or large blackbirds swarming in the Texas area. Normally thins sort of thing usually happens in Africa. The common grackle (Quiscalus quiscula) and other of the Quiscalus species have been found to be attuned to earth’s magnetic fields to a significant degree.

2020 – 20 mile long undersea power cable was damaged to Western Isles with loss of power to 18,000 homes.

24/12/2020 10 Whales become stranded on North Yorkshire beach.

01/10/2020 – A group of northern bottlenose whales were helped by a rescue team out of Loch long, Scotland.

15/08/2019 – Acute respiratory distress cases, linked to vaping with THC containing e-cigarettes and fluids.

12/07/2019 The EU’s Galileo statellite system went offline for 4 days. This forms part of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems that most European phones and GPS work on. The UK is one of the few European nations that doesn’t use the Galileo satellite navigation system for defence and critical national infrastructure purposes after being frozen out by Brussels because of Brexit.

09/02/2019 – Increased cases of Brucellosis that seemed to originate from drinking unpasteurised goat, sheep and cow’s milk. Watch for possible increased cases of endocarditis.

2011 – World climate, something changed.

20/01/2006 – A female northern bottlenose whale traveled up the Thames to Central London.

02/08/2001 – An estimated 13,000 mink set free from Spanish Mink Farm by unknown people.

It may be that I am becoming more prone or aware of the problems in the world, but I am not normally a worrying sort of person. Usually thinking that things will sort themselves out. But I have noticed with the increasing complexity of our society and that events seem to be concentrating rather than taking a normal standard path. For example; More Zoonotic events and outbreak have happened in the past 100 years than in the previous 1,000, although we have been much better at fighting and controlling them, but breakthrough events are becoming more common, especially in the past 20 years, covid just being one that managed to get through all defences, quite easily, and probably being worse due to political influence and suppression, a thing that is increasing rather than being sorted out. With the fall of the iron curtain and Chinese integration and production war was 10 years ago extremely unlikely ever to happen again except for a few minor and local skirmishes. Nuclear war was impossible and a relic of the past. They are now very much on the cards and possibly being worked towards by many countries, each trying to rock the boat and gain a massive advantage. Maybe they will take the war into space and place nuclear missile stations and platforms on the moon to threaten the earth, wiping out any ship from another country that comes close, closed but to somebody from their country. The systems in the world are fragile and have many disruption and key continuity and supply points that are open to damage and officials are making them more fragile, regarding provision for resilience as an unnecessary expense. Resilience is considered not profitable.

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