Ideological Dominance

A model which I did for economics early on in my life
suggested that any economy that relies on laws to contain its business and
social conditions start out with good intentions, trying to improve its
conditions. This will progress through levels of safety, and if unhampered by
or suppressing opposing forces, will tempt the authority into ever and ever
greater levels of control, until the controls are more important than the
community they are there to protect. Then the laws are used by the top of the
authority to prey on the community, regarding them as disposable production
units for only the authorities benefit. A grand personal valuation then occurs,
greatly valuing some who are in line with the order, freely rejecting or disposing
of those who are not, originally secretly breaking all the laws they impose,
later openly breaking them.

Every model of every order showed this same avenue, private
enterprise, communist, socialist. All will impose stronger and stronger laws to
impose greater order and safety, until they become ever more draconian,
exacerbated by special or emergency conditions. Laws imposed, never repealed or
changed, unless to make them stronger. Things won’t improve by it, and probably
they will by the action of suppression make the problems worse, forcing people
into ever and ever extremes, producing and allowing for polarised opposition.
Then at some point the people in the society will decide this situation is
intolerable, allowing terrorism to thrive, rebel and overthrow it and start
again, making the same mistakes all over again.

Quite often the authority takes a pragmatic view, and allows
the extremists to join the mainstream authority as a method to quell the
responses and use their talents, giving the perpetrators respectability and a
place. People prone to extremes rarely change, so you end up with a built-in
cancer, but this time with the approval of the authority. Time travels on, and
a new group is built up that is out of the control of the original dissenters
that have joined. So it continues, with the approach to absorb the new dissenters
in the same way.

Usually if the upper echelons are intelligent they will hold
onto the gains they have made in the order and carry them onto the next order,
even if they are diametrically opposites. A rich communist becoming a rich
entrepreneur. A rich entrepreneur becoming a rich communist. A rich Aristocrat
becoming a rich Republican, a Rich Republican becoming a rich Aristocrat.