Monthly Archives: October 2022

World Population

The yearly increase in population of the world has been slowing since about 1970, so it will probably at this rate peak in 50 years. Fertility is also steadily falling and may add to the problem. Most people are worrying and showing concerns about population based on learned 1950’s projections, not anything modern or recently, […]

Preparations for Blackouts

Most LED’s operate at a low voltage, ones for ceiling lighting needed to be stepped up before they are stepped down again. You can get CREE type with a diffuser rather than focused to give an adequate set up for emergency lighting that operate between 3-5v. You then need deep cycle type leisure batteries linked […]

Nuclear War Preparations

With the increasing belligerency of Russia and the expansive plans of places like North Korea and China it is becoming increasingly likely that at some point nuclear weapons will be used. Will they go the whole hog and launch all their weapons? Probably not, just a few smaller battlefield ones that test the waters, other […]