Nine Gods of the Mayans

The end of the Mayan long count calendar is an event that was supposed to have happened in December 2012, which is a period which is supposed to be the end of a long count cycle, the last age starting in 3114BC and having 13 cycles or bak’tun.

So the age difference is about 5125 years, there being 5 past cycles in all allowing for a total count of 25,625 years.

A day was a K’in, 20 K’in one Winal, 18 Winals one Tun, 20 Tuns one K’atun, and 20 K’atun one B’aktun. The Winal to Tun multiplier of 18 was a bit peculiar given the 20 basis, so it could be that a tun is supposed to be 400 days, but that didn’t fit the world. Possibly another one. This would mean that rather 2012 being then end of the calendar it should be around 2845AD.


1 day                           1 day                           K’in

20 days                        3 weeks                       Winal

360 days                      1 year                          Tun

7,200 days                   20 years                       K’atun

144,000 days               394 Years                    B’aktun

2,880,000 days            7,885 years                  Piktun

57,600,000 days          157,700 years              Kalabtun

1,152,000,000 days     3,154,004 years           K’inchiltun

23,040,000,000 days   63,080,082 years         Alautun

But given that they may have been a bit of esoteric knowledge from an unknown source what could all this refer to? A galactic event that happens about every 25,625 years? Stars seem to be irregular and widely dispersed, but what if it referred to an intersecting cycle or curve. Not a galactic cycle as this takes around 250 million years. More likely a solar event that happens about every 25,625 years, so could it be an unknown very large planet or body about 90 billion miles out from the sun, perturbing something out there, touching the inner edges of the Oort cloud and possibly chucking stuff our way.

Highly unlikely, but things out there don’t always seem to work they way people say they should, many things discovered that were one thought of as myth and fable by learned people who thought that they were only such and works of fiction and imagination. To dismiss all of it just because the timings were slightly out from a non-techinological society doesn’t mean they can just be ignored. Tide goes out suddenly from the shoreline, is it time for the kids to play on the much larger beach, or do they believe the old folks rubbish and myths about past giant waves?

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