Scientific Error

This is where the scientific community embark on a project where they think they know more than they actually do. This is currently true for all subjects, experts thinking they know exactly what happens, what the risks are and their final thought is ‘oops,’ or ‘how were we to know.’ When people are absolute about their knowledge they make mistakes, especially if their status is very high, thinking, ‘I am a god in the field,’ believing their own press releases.

We live on probabilities, nothing being certain. Science is not as certain about anything, simply because people do not take into account that, what they know as true is not necessarily what is true, using artificial structures to define natural forces, a matrix of inaccurate facts supporting a structure that gets wiped out by experiment when things don’t fit. This is when you get a thing called a paradigm shift, which is basically saying ‘boy, were we fooled,’ it was something else all the time.

So the idea ‘this is perfectly safe’ may not be based on reality, but wishful thinking. ‘We’ve spent too much money to play safe,’ risking everything in the world in their psychotic obsessions.

I find the idea of ‘re-creating the conditions in the big bang’ one of those things that may be better off left alone, the idea of having a big bang in our vicinity worrying, even though the experts thinking it can be done in a minute scale. This is because as far as their knowledge goes they are absolutely certain they know what happened in the big bang, so can recreate it. The odds of them being right are probably like winning the lottery 10 weeks in a row, but they are convinced they can do it safely. When in fact they don’t know what happened, they don’t know what caused it, they don’t know what they are looking for, they don’t know how to do it, they don’t know the effects of what they are doing and the results that will happen, and they don’t know if it will even be similar in any way.

There are many experiments going on all around the world, many in secret, as if they are successful they could change everything. A lot because they are unethical, and some maybe even dangerous, but the people in charge must know. The store of knowledge of people in charge of these projects is more important than everybodies survival.

If there are or were other civilisations in the universe, will they also try to go to far to quickly in this respect. We appear to have gone from starting point to where we are now within 12,000 years. If other civilisations have similarly followed this pattern and gone too far, then it may be that the optimum age for all civlisations are 12,000 years before they destroy themselves. That would mean just that factor in the Drake equation for a current civilisation could be dividing the total by 250,000 and there being no civilisation older than 12,000 years.