Malign Entity

This is an awkward threat as at the moment we know of no other highly intelligent entities other than our own home-grown version. The likelihood is that there were high intelligences that developed in the past, but moved on, no longer really interested in what we do except for a certain sense of nostalgia, hoping that the current inhabitants will survive and thrive. It’s likely that it would be a hands-off approach in the same way we treat a band of apes trying to survive in the wild. They would probably have much more useful and predictable mechanisms than mankind at their beck and call, so unless you have a number that go in for vintage and collectable species it is unlikely they would step in except if things were to go really wrong and we were going to, or something else was going to wipe out everything else.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we were a target of observation and maybe amusement with an option to temporarily experience what it’s like as a human avatar, maybe seeing the effects of a research program, inserting their personality in a limited fashion. To have too much of it, or too much outside knowledge would simply be playing at being human. ‘To think like an ant, first you need to be an ant.’ So, no clever additions, certainties, or reset buttons.

If a civilisation or race is sufficiently advanced then most of the human motivations would not apply. If they required certain things they could simply take them and use machines far beyond our capability to stop them, so the idea of being simply ‘king of the ants,’ would mean very little. There would probably be non-intervention rules they would follow, those that didn’t being seen as prone to primitive and aberrant or abhorrent impulses and regarded in a fashion we consider psychopaths.