This the long term end of the universe. It’s not really a disaster for the world as such as the world will have been long gone by the time this happens. It really depends on what we see in the universe being all there is. I suspect that there are other universes and the big bang may have been the result of a high power universe impinging on a low level universe, it expansion in this one just driven by the imbalance, going from high to low spacetime or timespace, expanding it like an inflating balloon. If this is what has happened then there may be other similar universes out there doing the same that we are not aware of, so we’re not all there is.

If we’re all there is, all we can do it keep outselves occupied until the end happens or everything simply falls apart.

If we aren’t all there is, then the object is to see how we can transfer to higher energy ones or transfer that energy to our own.