Energy Loss

I put this in as a potential disaster as in many countries around the world we are putting all the eggs in one basket to combat things like climate change. Removing a potential energy source means that there is one less source to fall back on. All processes in society require energy to perform them, and in recent years many countries have ‘streamlined’ and attempted to clean up their energy systems and grids at the expense of resilience.

The world is heavily dependent on oil and gas with resources showing signs of increasing expense and scarecity. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine it is evident how we are dependent on just a few sources for our fuel and energy, with knock on effects in industry and economies.

One of the principles of logistics and supply chains are to have a diverse number of suppliers and customers, only catering for certain types and too stringent demands in terms of economy amongst those rebounding in terms of threats to supply and custom, weakening the organisation by not building in resilience.

In the UK it was thought that having a good storage of natural gas was an unnecessary expense, removing them making the product temporarily cheaper, but leaving it open to massive market fluctuations and now with things like the Ukraine, leaving it open to supply scarecity driving the price through the roof, causing damage throughout the economic systems of europe. The minor and short term gain by the energy supply companies being dwarfed by the massive economic losses incurred by the arbitrary and terminally short sighted managers in control. The get rich quick merchants making a quick buck at the expense of everybody else, with a government that has a energy policy as efficient and able as a teflon door wedge. Competency is not in their remit. They would rather follow their ethos and stupidity than logic or ability. The current situation was predicted 5 years ago when the current administration let it happen. It did and has happened.

So we have a economic dependence on fickle wind and solar power with little storage or reserves, the richest paying dearly and probably the less stable economies probably going without, damaging their economies. It’s highly likely that to cover this many countries will need to return to wood, coal and coal gas, having been boxed into a corner by the unsustainable environmental fantasies of zero emissions and management purely on profit.