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World Population

The yearly increase in population of the world has been slowing since about 1970, so it will probably at this rate peak in 50 years. Fertility is also steadily falling and may add to the problem. Most people are worrying and showing concerns about population based on learned 1950’s projections, not anything modern or recently, […]

Preparations for Blackouts

Most LED’s operate at a low voltage, ones for ceiling lighting needed to be stepped up before they are stepped down again. You can get CREE type with a diffuser rather than focused to give an adequate set up for emergency lighting that operate between 3-5v. You then need deep cycle type leisure batteries linked […]

Nuclear War Preparations

With the increasing belligerency of Russia and the expansive plans of places like North Korea and China it is becoming increasingly likely that at some point nuclear weapons will be used. Will they go the whole hog and launch all their weapons? Probably not, just a few smaller battlefield ones that test the waters, other […]

The Dart Mission and Deflecting Asteroids

The recent Dart mission to send a craft to impact the Didymus B asteroid to deflect it seems to be a success, but the true results before the effects of doing this are known. Before the congratulations and hailing the success of the mission guaranteeing the people of earth a safe passage, we may need […]

Donations for Running Sites

I am at the moment trying to recoup the costs of running my two sites:, Jeff’s Science and Web Site and, my environmental and world risk website The cost of running these, apart from time, is around £500 a year that I have funded from my own finances, but if you find the […]

Nine Gods of the Mayans

The end of the Mayan long count calendar is an event that was supposed to have happened in December 2012, which is a period which is supposed to be the end of a long count cycle, the last age starting in 3114BC and having 13 cycles or bak’tun. So the age difference is about 5125 […]

New Possible Threats to World

04/12/2022 Bodies of 1,700 seals found off Caspian Sea Coastline. In the past there have been outbreaks of canine distemper virus (morbillivirus, related to measles in humans) in 1997, 2000 & 2001 and a higher level of zinc and iron in the bodies that may be related to pollution and a resultant destabilising effect. 29/11/2022 […]

Human Continuity and Persistence

I run a website called that I set up to identify risks to the human race and the creatures that exist on this planet. Many of them are remote possibilities, not likelihoods of occurrence, but some are definite and just dependent on the time we have.  When I first saw the Doomwatch series in […]

Survival from a Known or Unknown Risk

I tried for quite a while to come up with a title that encompassed my thoughts and ideas in a particular avenue of thinking about possibilities. This seems to broadly cover a lot of the areas, but isn’t exclusive to what my thought experiment consisted of. To start with we need to try to define […]

History Seems to be Missing

It’s interesting that asteroid 163348 (2002 NN4), which is between 150-300m in length, was discovered 18 years ago, arriving in an expected path. They aren’t particularly worrying. What is worrying is something like Oumuamua, which was between 100m and 1 kilometre long and had passed within earths orbit already, went within mercury’s orbit, and was […]