Coronal Mass Ejection

Since the very high proton emissions lately, the likeliest event is in 2025 when the suns cycle should be at its peak.

12/05/2022 – Very high Proton and X-ray emissions today. Both my mifi and freesat went down about the same time today. They are not connected, but separate systems, working on different principles, the mifi running on rechargeable batteries. The satellite lost connection with its hard disk and the wifi’s password was corrupted. I reset both to factory defaults and they worked OK again. Surge protectors seemed to have made no difference to the satellite system. Could just be a coincidence, but both have been working OK up to this point since the beginning of february and didn’t have problems last year.

01/05/2022 – Very high proton emissions from sun.

04/04/2022 – High proton emissions from sun.

09/07/2021 – For over a week now the sun has been unusually and continuously active with a higher than normal solar wind, especially in the x-ray bands. I would think local space may be becoming more hazardous, and the sun becoming more active rather than less, not boding well for the next few years. This seems to be continuing.

04/11/2021 – Exceptionally high proton emissions from sun.

31/10/2021 – High proton emission from sun.